Why to engage

Our manifesto

  1. For real Impact

    Nudge equality through your services by supporting users distinctively.

  2. As a leader in design

    Only 12% of creative directors are women.Where do all the women in design go?

  3. To represent and empower

    Only a fifth of design jobs are filled by women. Represent and empower.

  4. Gendered target groups

    70% of services are highly segregated

  5. To avoid stereotypes

    What are the images, the values and the stories your work narrates and reproduces.

  6. To communicate better

    Handle assumptions and expectations internally and with clients.

  7. For Justice

    Break the status quo: lacking diversity is culturally accepted.


This is a research initiative - We continously explore how an inclusive design process can empower and celebrate the full espectrum of gender expression.

About the project