A research platform on how gender perspectives can support improvement in services and experiences

We focus on creating knowledge by using gender as a core part of the design process.


Service Design Case studies reviewed


Interviews with experts in diversity and gender


30 service designers surveyed


This project started as a master research at Köln International School of Design as an exploration to bring to service design practice gender sensitive methodologies to foster impactful solutions that harness equality.

The principles of our work:

  1. Provide strategies, not small fixes. With a focus on building a mindset and strategies to think gender inclusivity and equality throughout any context.
  2. Work so our work won't be needed. Bridging educational gaps and empowering through knowledge.
  3. Embrace complexity. We provide a platform for constant exchange and improvement because every solution is only temporary.

I am Abigail Schreider originally from Argentina, currently based in Cologne, Germany. I work as an experience and service designer, particularly interested in bringing feminist thinking to organizations.

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