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We provide workshops, trainings and self learning material

Workshops & Talks

2.5 hours up to 12

This workshop is based on the experiences and interests of te participants which allows an introduction to concepts anchored to particular cases.

What to expect

Introduction gender research.
What are design biases.
Gender-based stereotypes in ideation.
How to design future gender equality.

What you will gain

Awareness of how gender influences teams and designs.
Develop gender-sensitive tools to support the design process.
Challenges and new questions.

Workshop structure

It focuses on understanding the power of the designer through the design process.

First Get involved


We all have had personal experiences that relate to gender and that help us shape our beliefs and opinions. In this phase, we will reflect in situations that make us think about gender and discuss how they might be relevant to our professional life.

Understand individual biases and lenses.
Develop a common understanding with peers.
Identify reasons to engage with gender.

Second What should I know about it?


Gender is not part of most design education programs. In this phase we will learn about gender equality, women segregation and diversity. By looking at case studies we will discover what is invisibilized by design systems and discuss its impact.

Develop a professional understanding.
Learn new content in the context of design.
Examine design cases critically.

PRO TIP — Work in progress Equality glossary for designers.
Sometimes a deep conversation can be lighted up by the definition of one word.

Third Develop your gender lenses


While working, designers choose methods to move forward towards a solution. By focusing on moments where gender is forgotten or stereotyped we will develop strategies to counteract those situations.

Problem statements.
Brainstorming sessions.
Strategies and result tools.

Run the workshop yourself

1 hour video conference to 5 facilitators

Via online communication, we share our material and guide designers through the personalization of it for a successful experience.

What to expect

Introduction to our approach and tools.
Guidance on how to adapt material tools, templates, and facilitators guide.

What you will gain

Confidence to run your own workshop.
A community to share and grow knowledge.

Materials to run your workshop

Facilitators guide.
Exercises to run the workshop.



We have adapted official definitions for designers. Challenge yourself to learn & re-think how to use this knowledge

Equality glossary